Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I had a busy day today .Reviewed this patient with thymic cancer .Not a very common cancer .This is gland in the upper part of the chest.In normal development this plays important role for development of our immune system during childhood.this however shrinks as one grows.

Benign tumor of thymus is called thymoma.This could be associated with myasthenia graveis .

For malignant for of cancer in early prognosis is good ,however once this has invaded local structure of spread to other part of body the outlook is not that good .Patients could be treated either with surgery followed by chemotherapy .Or chemotherapy followed by surgery .If there is partial resection of tumor there is also a role of Radiotherapy .

I thinks that's enough for now .

will write about optic glioma in my next post


  1. I know someone with Thymoma, I am confused. She was diagnosed last year with stage iva thymoma. She underwent complete resection, followed by four three day cycles of chemo then 25 days of radiation. It had metastasized to her diaphragm and was considered malignant. You stated that thymoma is a benign tumor of the thymus. Am I misinformed, and what is your opinion on the prognosis?

  2. My apologies for delayed reply. I would think If the cancer had spread then it must be malignant . Terminology is confusing at times .Some might refer thymoma as malignant thymoma and benign thymoma .

    Prognosis is very hard to predict in these rare tumors.

    Thanks for your comment.I would try to regularly update the blog .